It is quite intimidating to think about writing a complete self-help book. It does not matter whether you have been writing for several years. According to literary magazine, there is no person who loves sitting in front of a computer trying to think about what to write. In this post, you will learn useful steps, and you will find that you can easily write your first draft.

Break it down

The truth is that you are not writing the whole book at once. Just like any undertaking, you can break the project into small-sized pieces. When you do so, you will find it easy to manage.

Begin in the middle

begin in the middle when writing a bookYou do not have to start at the beginning. In fact, start at a point in your book which is very easy to write. This is because starting at that point that is easier; your writing will be less stressful. You need to say whatever you want as simply as possible. Remember that you are just writing a draft. Thus, there is no pressure to write something that is brilliant. It is a good idea even if you write just two or three sentences.

Repeat the process

You can choose another subsection and then repeat the process. You can keep using the approach until you get the middle written in different subsections.

Write transitional sentences

It is advisable to write transitional sentences, which connecting whatever you have written so far. As you probably know, well-written paragraphs just flow into one another. They should not be unrelated or choppy statements. Your first sentence ought to act as a bridge of the past paragraph, and the final one sets up the upcoming paragraph. You can start your narrative and then work your way through. When you are done, you will have a great first draft.


You need to review whatever you have written and check whether it accomplishes the following:Review your book
Is the tone right as you want it in your book?
Are the chosen words the ones to speak to your audience?
Have you established the required boundaries?
Are you consistent with the information you provide, or you are just assuming that readers already know?

The above five steps can help you come with the first draft of your book. Remember that take one step at a time, and you will be successful.