Gambling is a process which involves transfers of goods and money. It is one form of entertainment which uses money as the main tool for betting. It does not create any new goods or money- No output is created out of this process. People gamble for different reasons. There are some who gamble for entertainment and others for making money. This is a process which consumes a considerable amount of time and resources.

Though it is an activity which provides excitement and fun, too much of it can become risky. In fact, it is illegal to practice gambling in some countries particularly the Islam nations. It is a two-way process. It can, therefore, lead to some personal problems such as addition. Just like drugs, there are many people who are addicted to gambling. This article is going to highlight some of the main problems associated with gambling

It is addictive

Gambling can lead to addiction. Many people are unable to control their cravings to gamble. These people are unable toresist temptation, and they cannot live without gambling. They will always get pleasure from this activity.

Can lead to crime

Money is the cause of all evils.Some addicted gamblers will do everything which is within their power to get the much-needed cash. Some might even be tempted to commit crimes or steal to support this activity. The hard earned money is wasted instead of using it to cater for the family’s needs.

It reinforces poverty

Most gamblers will never give up even after losing their money. They will continue playing hoping that they will be able to recover their money. Such individuals will end up selling some of their properties and belongings one they run out of cash. This can continue up to a point where they become bankrupt.

Can lead to idleness

Gambling is an activity which can make you idle for many hours. People who are entirely dependent on this game are very idle. Such people consider it as a cheap way or easy way of making money. They find it hard to engage themselves in something productive.


Makes people indebted

Gamblers will always b e tempted to borrow money when they are broke. These people will have huge debts in the long run as they continue borrowing money to support their gambling habits. This can make them depressed or even develop some mental illnesses