Achieving the feat of being a good pianist is no easy task, being a good wedding pianist is even harder because it involves some. Even though most individuals will think that it is an easy task, it is no. But research conducted over extended time have shown that the majority of the best pianist in the world have the same characteristics. This has ensured that they have maintained their success over time.

It, therefore, goes without saying that one has to put a considerable amount of work, effort and be very disciplined for them to perform and deliver in important events like weddings confidently. Having said that, it is important therefore to take into account that whether you want to be playing the piano at weddings just like a hobby or you want to do it professionally so you can make a career out of it, here are the some of the characteristics that you should endeavor to have in order to become the best and most renown wedding pianist. Here are some of the attributes of a good wedding pianist.


piano stringsGood Work Ethic

Just like any other musical instrument player, the pianist also does encounter some challenges when they play the piano from time to time. But the one thing that will enable you to stand tall above everyone else as a good wedding pianist is your perseverance through the challenges that you will face you. A good wedding pianist is wired in a way that they see the challenges that they face during playing as a learning experience. Thus for you to be termed as the best, you will need to learn this. This is not only for a pianist to learn but all people. Thus even when you have learned how to play the piano, you will need to practice from time to time to polish your skills into perfection.



For you to be the best player, you will need to practice a lot and be dedicated to your playing. If you ask any good pianist around, he/she will tell you that they have hit the heights that they have achieved through passion they have for playing the piano and the hours they have put in practice to perfect their art. They will tell you that there is no shame in being a beginner and at this stage, one will struggle, but with practice, they will perfect the art. Even when one feels that they have got the act together, they will surely tell you that this is when to put more effort so to become the best that there is.


Constant Practice

Being in contact with a piano will mean nothing if you do not have the will to practice and be good at it. This is why one is encouraged to revisit the things that they have been thought in order not only to remember them but also apply them when necessary.


song notesReady to Learn

To be a good weeding pianist one should always have the eagerness and be ready to learn because if not you will never be the best.