Top Hacks for Making the Best Photos for Art and Exhibitions

Joining an art contest or making a portfolio submission are two completely different things. You must be able to take great photos of the artwork. If your work is high quality, so should be your photographs. This covers areas like fine art competitions, impressing gallery dealers, agents, and directors. Ensure that there are no cases where the photos are either too small or out of resolution.

In cases where the piece appears poorly constructed and misrepresented, you might as well show a picture of another person’s artwork. Always work on your artwork as if it depicts your capabilities to the world. For a great example of great work, check the unique Japanese photography, which is very impressive. Here are some hacks that can help you produce high-quality photographs.

Photographing your artwork

PhotographerBegin by borrowing or buying a digital camera. Ensure the camera is fully charged. Do not leave the memory card behind. Adjust the camera to its basic settings. Select ISO settings starting from the lowest. The higher the ISO, the more the grain on the image.

Some cameras recommend going with a 200 ISO setting for artwork. Another important consideration is the autofocus and adjustment of the white balance. The background illumination in the room might interfere with the lighting resulting in color tints. Auto balance remains the simplest option.

Use a tripod

To achieve proper focus, it is prudent to get a stabilizing factor such as a tripod. The tripod is great when focusing the camera on the artwork. The tripod remains the best way to ensure that the camera remains aligned to this artwork. The tripod permits zero movement for your camera which results in a sharp image.

Set the scene

The right positioning is equally important. Here you are required to pay attention to messy framing and shadows. At this point, you should ensure that the piece is set on the same level to the wall. When possible fill the frame with work without shadowing the background. For non-rectangular or 3-dimensional artwork, minimize the background distractions. Finally, frame the image against neutral colors; white remains the preferable option.


photographyWhen coming up with high-quality photographs, lighting seems to be an important factor. This creates an enormous impact on all aspects of the resulting images. On this front, you will have to use a bright light. This can be natural fluorescent or indirect lighting options. Keep off from areas with deep shadows or those that produce dappling effects. Before taking the photo, carefully position in a manner that you avoid shadows which might conceal parts of the artwork.


Ensure that the camera lens is cleaned before the shoot. Even a single dust spec can mess the work. Arrive at a zoom setting that guarantees no distortions on the images taken. After you have completed taking your images, remember to label them.…


Top Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Sometimes we focus on ourselves too much that we forget to entertain our guest at our wedding. Wedding entertainment is some that are more than just hiring a deejay and having a colorful theme. There are things you can incorporate to make your wedding day unique and memorable. Here are some of the top wedding entertainment ideas that can spice up the day.

Artist or live band

Hiring a wedding singer or a live band can make a perfect atmosphere while people are enjoying pre-reception drinks. However, there is always too much talking during the day of the reception, but you can schedule a singer or live band to present special songs at the start or at the end of the speeches. In fact, hiring a band will facilitate dancing while travelling to your evening reception. Hire a live band that is loved by many people and allow them to play dedication songs that are danceable, this will definitely make the day a memorable one. Also, ensure that the music played by the band has a portion for the old, medium-aged, teenagers and children. This will leave everybody satisfied at the end of the day.

Mrs and Mrs contest

Another entertainment idea that can spice up the day is the Mr and Mrs contest. It basically focuses on how well you know your partner. There can be question ranging physical to emotional to educational. They can include the shoe size, the favorite drink and even pranking each other. You can also bring up hilarious stuff to brighten up the whole event with joy and laughter.


There are several games that adults and kids can engage together or even separately. For an indoor reception, try to set a table full of coloring books for kids to enjoy the moment by competing for the best drawing. For adults, you can incorporate the casino. You can actually arrange for a casino during your evening reception with the roulette and black jack table set ups. Ensure that there is a prize for every winner this will encourage everyone to participate and have fun playing the games. In fact, these games will allow everyone at the event to socialize with each other. This will bring whole new experience because giving them a chance to socialize will bear new friendships and they will always remember the first day they met, that is your wedding day.

Chocolate fountain

Having a chocolate fountain at your wedding will definitely bring a unique and memorable feel for all your guests no matter their ages. It is simply done by dipping their food inside the chocolate fountain or trying to catch the sliding chocolate. You can buy from a chocolate fountain from a chocolate supply company near you or order through the internet.


You can also hire professional magicians to give stellar performances to your guests. For instance, you get a magician to make light-hearted and whimsical feel to lessen tension during your wedding day. This is especially the children’s favorite, so if possible do not miss to hire one.


Fireworks can really be one of the biggest ways of entertaining your guest if you can afford to hire a fireworks company. The old, teenagers and kids love to see fireworks at night. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can also entertain your guests with sparklers and even ground fireworks.…